Associations or social communities working to promote vegetarianism in world like PETA

Since vegetarianism is rooted in indian psyche deeply because of several reasons but people in other countries of the world also prefer vegetarianism too. So an international vegetarianism union was formed in Germany to promote this new found belief in vegetarian culture.

There are Christian vegetarians associations all the world over and societies and organisations spread all across the globe.

in Europe, there are European vegetarian unions, Federations of Jain association in various foreign countries too enjoy their work. In indian context, there may be a number of caste based communities to propagate the good of veg life.International organisations like People for ethical treatment of Animals (PETA) are all out to promote vegetarianism and welfare of animals whereas in india, there are age old scriptures to teach people against killing animals and meat eating.

Since 1999,the Sabina Fund have awarded small grants to nearly 150 grassroots groups for promoting a plant-based diet and respect for animals in the US and 30 other countries. The Fund honors the memory of FARM President Alex Hershaft’s mother, Sabina.

The $500-1,000 grants have produced amazing efforts by creative, dedicated folks who donate their time, talent, and tenacity and require only minimal seed grants to get started.

Pakistan Vegetarian Society: Pakistan Vegetarian Society was established in 2001 by a few Pakistani vegetarians/vegans.It is a non-profit organization run by the members of the society voluntarily with the primary objectives of promoting humanitarian, moral, and nutritional aspects of vegetarianism through all possible ways including research and education, and linking individuals and organizations that believe in the principles of vegetarianism.

As we know that Pakistani society is predominantly non-vegetarian but the Pakistan Vegetarian Society has accepted the challenge to promote the true spirit of vegetarianism by all possible means, to make the people more humane and protect the innocent animals from cruelty and struggle against the madness of meat-eating.

So it would be apt to say that this awareness for vegetarianism is growing in every corner of the world and this speaks volumes to the innate good of a vegan life.